Project Description

180 TB of storage for £7000

The “backblaze” storage pod is a opensource  low-cost solution to cloudbased or large storage needs. Swwilsmedia offers construction and design modifications based around the backblaze pod v3.0.

What is the storage pod?

For Storage Pod 3.0 we redesigned the chassis and upgraded many of the components. Most of the changes are aimed at improving the reliability and flexibility of the Storage Pod. The full parts list is in Appendix A in the backblaze teams blog.


  • 180 terabytes of storage. With the availability of 4 TB hard drives a Storage Pod can now be configured to store 180 TB (45 x 4 TB). As a bonus the same chassis and components can be used with any capacity of 3.5” hard drives.
  • Anti-vibration drive bay assemblies. There are now 3 assemblies, one for each row of 15 drives. Each assembly is designed to lock down a row of drives in place. These assemblies replace the “drive bands” around each drive. This saves nearly an hour during Pod assembly and makes drive replacement easier as well
  • Costs Less. For Storage Pod 2.0, the price for the components without drives was £1302 For Pod 3.0 the price is £1274 – about a 1.9% decrease in the cost . The main component in the total cost will be the hard drives.