Project Description

Swwilsmedia planned, developed and executed Leeds Student Televisions “HD Upgrade” on a budget of just £8000 inclusive of 4 HD camcorders.

To be a functioning station LSTV required 4 HD camcorders, HD-SDI workflow and streaming capabilities. All whilst maintaining a rugged and portable unit.

Commercial solutions can easily run into the £100,000’s so a custom build was needed.

Using powerful solutions from blackmagic design, behringer and swwilsmedia IT the “PATRICK” unit was developed in two 6U flightcases that provide:

Audio mastering, video routing, 3 x monitor screens, Wi-Fi, LAN, HD streaming capabilities, local recording, VT playback, local capture, support for upto 6 HD input, 4 HD outputs and SD fallback support with ipad and mobile device vision mixing added as a functional extra.

On the server side of functionality swwilsmedia developed a turnkey linux installation capable of being hosted on amazon EC2. This allows for a dedicated, expandable hosting solution to be deployed in minutes as an alternative to YouTube Live.

The PATRICK unit has been used successfully to broadcast; The Rileys 2013, Leeds Rag Fashion Show, Varsity, LUU Elections and every HD broadcast of LSTV in 2013/2014.